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What is a giclée?

A giclée (pronounced zhee-klay) print is a reproduction of a photograph or original artwork on an archival media using archival inks that, with proper care, will last a lifetime.

Is the ink and print media used archival?

Absolutely! Our inks and print medias are all archival quality, therefore, with the proper care and under normal circumstances, your artwork should last over 100 years.

What equipment is used?

We use a Hasselblad HD1 camera for the image capture of original art. This is a state of the art, extremely high definition camera with a flat lens - which means there will be no distortion on the corners!

Printing is done using a 44" Epson 9900 large format inkjet printer with Epson archival inks.

How accurate is the color?

Image capture and color correction is superior to other methods of art reproduction. However, you must be aware that due to the limitations of process inks, some colors fall outside of the printable color spectrum. During the proofing process, we work to achieve the look and feel in the print that is most appealing and closest to the original as possible. We unconditionally guarantee you will be satisfied with the results!

Capture once, print many!

With giclée printing, your image becomes your digital asset. Once your file has been cleaned-up, color-corrected, and proofed by you, we will archive the file in our computer bank. If you would like re-prints later, just let us know and we'll pull your file from the archive and print it - no recurring costs to you except for the printing!

Our guarantees to you:

Reproductions of any original art or photography will require the approval of the artist/photographer. Security of any original artwork, photograph or file format is guaranteed. We never share or release originals, files, or reproductions except to the customer who owns it.

All image capture and printing is done on the premises.

Printing Prices

Ultrasmooth fine art paper           $11.00/sq. ft

Textured watercolor paper            $11.00/sq. ft

Canvas (including UV coating)     $14.00/sq. ft

Luster finish photo paper             $8.00/sq. ft

Metallic photo paper                    $11.00/sq. ft

Pricing Formula

Length (in.) X Width (in.) ÷ 144 = Square feet

Square feet X Unit price = Print price

Note: To allow for printing on the sides of gallery wrap canvases, add 4" per side to the image size when determining final print price.

Additional Pricing

Image capture fee (including editing and color correction)         $75

Stretching and/or gallery wrap for canvas                                     price based on size

JPEG file of your image                                                                       no additional cost

Giclée quality printable digital file                                                    $150

Please inquire about available wholesale pricing options.

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